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My name is Adeline Niyonsaba, and I am the founder of Adeline Financial & Career Coaching, a podcast host, and an international motivational speaker.

My journey began in a middle-class immigrant family where financial education and budgeting were not emphasized. Through my own experiences, I made several mistakes, unknowingly being in a financially abusive relationship, that led me to filing of a consumer proposal once I left that relationship.

My Late-night conversations with my girlfriends made me realize that many of us struggle when navigating the financial system, and the advice given by banks is often insufficient.

Determined to break free from living paycheck to paycheck, I decided to educate myself and gain financial knowledge. By learning how to manage my money effectively, I transformed money from a source of stress to a tool that facilitates my desired lifestyle. I want to share what I had learned and empower my community to give themselves a chance at financial success


Our Services

Financial Coaching

Financial Coaching

As a financial coach, my goal is to assist you and your family in aligning your financial goals and understanding your spending habits or lack of savings. I am here to help you avoid the financial struggles I faced and guide you towards financial freedom and abundance.

Career coaching

Career coaching

Career coaching became an integral part of my journey when I attended an information session on pay parity. During the session, I witnessed two young ladies who had just completed their four years of studies at the UoM expressing their confusion about what kind of jobs to apply for with their degree.